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Our hilariously embittered hosts chronicle the most tumultuous, and ultimately disastrous, relationships in human history with their brand of humor and cynicism.

Cristyn Chandler’s experience in relationships and podcasting is zilch. She’s perfect to co-host “You’re Gonna Die Alone”. After multiple years of failed attempts at acting, she decided podcasting would be another career she could check off her “do not do” again list. She faked her way through theater and film for over 17 years, stole a best actress award for a short film, suckered her way to the Cannes Film Festival, and kids eager to learn how to act, somehow call her their coach. But her biggest failure will be sitting down with her cynical co-host and sharing some sad and pathetic relationship stories -THAT REALLY HAPPENED.

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As a lifelong cynic and perpetual bachelor, Jordan Jacobo is either perfectly suited or grossly under-qualified to co-host "You're Gonna Die Alone."  A man of conflicting interests, Jordan is currently the host of the KPBS digital series, Jordan Loves, in which he takes viewers on a delightful romp through the seldom-explored corners of his native San Diego, as well as his YouTube series, Jordan Hates, in which he subjects viewers to a series of often-humorous, occasionally-unpleasant rants about the things he dislikes most. Along with his co-host, Jordan is prepared to unflinchingly lay his "romantic history" bare, if only to serve as a cautionary tale regarding the futility of love and relationships in general.

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